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January 20, 2015
The overview of the Pre-4th Mission Idea Contest is released
preMIC4The Pre-4th Mission Idea Contest Workshop (Pre-MIC4)
- From Concept to Reality -

January 13, 2015
Before the 4th Mission Idea Contest (MIC4), the Pre-MIC4 Workshop will be held during the 3rd UNISEC-Global meeting in Tokyo in July 2015.
Call for paper- preMIC4Call for Paper
Pre-MIC4 Application
template for
- Mission Proposer
- Resource Provider

December 18, 2014
Please welcome our new regional coordinator: Bungo Shiotani at University of Florida, USA

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Regional Coordinators

Introduction to the Mission Idea Contest

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The Mission Idea Contest (MIC) was established in 2010 to provide aerospace engineers, college students, consultants, and anybody interested in space with opportunities to present their creative ideas and gain attention internationally. The primary goal of MICs is to open a door to a new facet of space exploration and exploitation.

Objectives of Pre-4th Mission Idea Contest (Pre-MIC4) Workshop

  • To create a favorable environment to facilitate domestic/international cooperation among individual, industry, university and government for the use of micro/nano-satellite.

  • To increase the probability of realization of the mission by inviting resource providers, which is expected to support/contribute their mission ideas for possible realization. The resource provider can be companies, space agencies or other government sectors as well as individual experts.

The Pre-MIC4 Workshop will provide a forum for MIC participants by inviting the resource providers, in terms of seeking possible international cooperation or partnership arrangements.


  • Mission Proposers

    Anybody who has mission ideas using micro/nano satellite(s).
    Application Template

  • Resource providers

    Can be companies, space agencies or other government sectors as well as individuals.
    Application Template

Important Dates

January 13, 2015Call for paper- preMIC4Call for Paper
March 3, 2015 Application due (Mission Proposers)
April 10, 2015Application due (Resource providers)
July 3, 2015Pre-MIC4 Workshop

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